Context: The National competence-based curricula review in Tanzania within the HEET project. 

  • The project aims to introduce new and innovative pedagogies in the new/reviewed curriculum. It is also expected that institutions will adopt various digital technologies such as LMS, MOOC, OER etc to technology enhanced courses (e.g. develop online, blended, and self paced).
  • Institutions implementing this project include 14 universities and 5 Tertiary institutions under the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

Purpose: To address the two (2) broad areas as described in the concept note provided:

  • Traditional innovative pedagogies and ICT mediated innovative pedagogies  (any ICT tool that could be used to support innovative pedagogies)
  • To demonstrate and practice how to develop and deliver technology enhanced courses  such as blended/self paced courses/ online courses (Moodle and other technologies can be used)